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Earthquakes and volcanoes are both very deadly. Earthquakes can rupture structures and overturn highways. Volcanoes can burn entire cities. If I were to chose one, however, I would say volcanoes are more destructive and dangerous. It depends on what type of eruption occurs and where the volcano is that determines just how dangerous it is. If it’s in the middle of the city, it could ravage and destroy homes and businesses. Even when it’s hundreds of miles away, the lava can still reach the city. Not to mention the fissures that snake out of the volcano. As claytons and rosettab mentioned in their posts, toxic gas leaks out of the volcano and suffocates people, regardless if it’s an eruption or not. He also mentioned the ash. Ash clouds could block warmth from the sun thus putting the earth in an unnatural cold. This happened once before. It was the coldest summer ever.

Now others may argue that earthquakes are more dangerous by saying that volcano eruptions can not be harmful to people if they are warned in time and can evacuate. That may be true, but the place where the lava reaches will be ravaged and cannot be restored without complete reconstruction. So that is why volcanoes are more dangerous.

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