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RSS Dabner19

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2 points

Earthquake v. Volcano

Dustin Forest Abner


Mrs. Weaver

My personal opinion on this case, is that Volcanoes are much more dangerous. The reason I think this is because a Volcano can cause an Earthquake. However the Earthquake occurs after the magma, ash, etc has spread and destroyed the landscape. Pompeii? No? Well look it up. The Magma erupted unknowingly, randomly, and swallowed the whole city. Why people today, and back then continue to build cities, forts, castles, trade routes, and towns around Volcanoes still amazes me. Why would you build next to one of the most destructive forces.

Here’s my evidence…

Pompeii of course. You can even watch the movie. Actually don’t. Heard the song? Yeah listen to that. First you’ll hear some sort of demonic chanting then this guy tells the story of his boring life… Then the walls came tumbling down… Don’t close your eyes. Umm… Yeah.

Okay, next we have Mount Vesuvius. No? Okay here’s the story… People yet again build a city next to an enormous volcano. The only change is that this volcano showed signs of erupting. In fact people could have probably evacuated but no, once again the indigenous people of 79AD continue to live by a giant mountain of doom (Lord of The Rings). Actually 17 years earlier (I’m giving Earthquakes credit here) a massive Earthquake swept over the lovely lands of Italy… It probably was a great sign of an impending eruption, but no. Lets continue to live next to a giant death machine.

Things not to walk towards in a volcano eruption:

Magma, Ash, Spewing Strips of Magma, and Giant chunks of land hurling towards you. Good? Okay.

This is not a case of, “If we live 100 feet away we’ll die. 100.5 feet is fine.” No, you’ll probably die on the matter. (Hawaii is okay, because… Who doesn’t like Hawaii?)

Take this for example… Eyjafjallajökull in Reykjavik, Iceland. Yes, I did have to copy and paste this. Also be happy we weren’t around any volcanoes in 2010. If you did your research, you know why. Stromboli in Stromboli, Italy. Yes the entire city is named after the volcano because that’s what it’s about to be an enormous plot of land now owned to Mr. Stromboli himself. Volcano King. Volcanoes cause Earthquakes, Magma spills, Projectiles, Extreme danger, and impending danger. If a volcano is about to erupt you better hope Usain Bolt is strong enough to carry you. Actually because I am listening to music on Youtube, it has come to my attention that a Volcano is in the shape of a triangle… Anything else you know? Illuminati much? Possession of volcanoes in the hands of an illuminati person. Yes it comes back into play, IMPENDING DOOM

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