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I agree that volcanoes are dangerous, but i think you should consider earthquakes. volcanoes don't occur everywhere, but earthquakes almost do. Volcanoes can be caused by earthquakes.

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I believe that earthquakes are more dangerous than volcanoes. Although they are both dangerous, which do you hear about more? Earthquakes are a lot more likely to happen and in more areas than volcanoes. Earthquakes also cause a chain reaction. For example, after an earthquakes cause seismic waves that can also cause volcanic eruptions. (source: ) Earthquakes can wipe out large cities in a matter of minutes. In 1976, an earthquake killed over 650,000 people. It lasted less than a minute. (source: ) Volcanoes and earthquakes are both dangers to us, but I think we have more to worry about with earthquakes.

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i agree with you and think you are totally right. Earthquakes can cause a lot more than just an earthquake. They are way more common and likely as well. It can cause many of deaths.

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