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I disagree with Jenna because scientists are able to predict when a volcano is about to erupt in several ways. Once they know, they are able to notify the people in the vicinity of the volcano to quickly evacuate. Earthquakes are completely unpredictable. They can occur any time and anywhere.

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I agree with Callista because earthquakes can trigger other disasters and they are more difficult to predict as stated.

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Which is more dangerous-a volcano or an earthquake? Of the two, I believe an earthquake is more precarious. Earthquakes can occur anywhere at any time. Volcanoes can be predicted and the people around it can be evacuated before it erupts. If an earthquake occurs underwater, it can create massive waves called tsunamis which are known to wipe out entire cities to complete obliteration. Landslides, liquefaction, and fires are all disastrous outcomes. Volcanoes erupt lava that can flow over towns but once it hardens nothing else happens. As for an earthquake, after the main quake, a smaller earthquake called an aftershock, happens in the same area as the first and is still very dangerous. Floods can also occur if a dam cracks due to an earthquake. ( sources: )

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