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I agree with callista because its true, it is harder to predict earthquakes than it volcanoes. We get more of a heads up with volcanoes and have at least a little bit of time to get out of that area.

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I think that earthquakes are more dangerous that volcanoes are. When earthquakes happen they can cause many things to happen afterward resulting in destruction. They can cause by shaking tsunamis, and landslides. Earthquakes can also be the cause to some volcanic eruptions. They will shake the ground so much that it messes with the volcano causing it to erupted before anyone could be warned, meaning that more lives could be in danger. Earthquakes can also be very destructive on their own. They can happen in a very populated area with lots of people and big building. If one of those buildings are not up to standards on safety, it could fall and possibly kill many of lives. Both are very destructive but i think that earthquakes are much more dangerous.

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