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I do support your statement, I didn't think of the walls cracking and flooding an area.

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Yes lava can travel up to 60 mph but it doesn't always go that fast.

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Yes, volcanoes are very dangerous but they can come with warning. Earthquakes don’t come with warning and they destroy building and cities. Volcanoes can take years to erupt again. says about 320,120 people died from earthquakes in 2010. Earthquakes are also happening more often Live Science says twice as many earthquakes happened in 2014 than in 1979. That means that more and more earthquakes are happening. Earthquakes can also cause tsunamis and landslides which cause even more of a threat. Every day you can hear of an earthquake but it is very rare that you hear of a volcano. Yes it is very rare that earthquakes appear on the news but they happen every day and many people die of earthquakes.

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