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I agree with Anna because there are ways to help with the damage given by earthquakes, but there is little to no ways to stop destruction from volcanoes. Many more harmful things can come from volcanoes than earthquakes like ash, lava, and gases. These can lead to a lot more long term problems in our environment.

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I disagree with Callista because volcanoes may be predicted, but that doesn't stop anything. Volcanoes release very harmful gases and other substances like lava. This can not only be destructive to taking down buildings and towns, but also people can't live with some of the gases given from volcanoes.

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Which is more dangerous an Earthquake or a Volcano? I think volcanoes are much more dangerous when they erupt as opposed to an earthquake. From looking at you can see there are a lot of different hazards coming from volcanoes. There are also many different types of volcanoes. Some, like Mt. St. Helen's give volcanic ash, while others can give fast flowing lava. Mt St Helen's took down 230 square miles of forest just like many volcanoes can. People live very close to volcanoes in places like Hawaii which is extremely dangerous because of what comes out of the volcanoes. Large numbers of gases like C02 can come from volcanoes which can be deadly. It's because of what can come from volcanoes that I think makes them far more dangerous than earthquakes.

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