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I agree that volcanoes are more dangerous and the facts you give really support it. I like ¨The flying rocks and debris will crush and kill anyone that’s left.¨ Great phrase!

elliec(9) Clarified
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You don't have cited information in your argument so we can't check your sources.. could you include links?

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Which is more dangerous- an earthquake or a volcano? While earthquakes cause many disastrous incidents every year, volcanoes are at least a triple threat, which makes them ultimately more unfavorable. First, when volcanoes erupt, they explode hot magma which is treacherous and destroys everything in its flow path. Magma is also deleterious before it rises to the surface. Magma movement in the Earth’s mantle causes seismic activity, which can lead to to tremors, earthquakes, and tsunamis. (source: )This seismic activity is the second reason volcanic eruptions are more ruinous than earthquakes, and their ensuing results. Volcanic activity can also cause limnic eruption, or lake overturn, which is a rare but calamitous natural event. Limnic eruption is set off by the seismic activity of an active volcano and causes dissolved CO2 to billow out in huge clouds that suffocate humans, wildlife, and livestock. (source: ) These three dire natural occurrences caused by volcanic eruptions support the thought that they are more menacing than earthquakes.

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I agree with Clayton that volcanoes are more dangerous, and the statements he gives really support it. A volcanic eruption can cause many more deadly occurrences than an earthquake. (i like your opening sentence, too. nice imagery!)

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