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I must disagree. While volcanoes can do all of those things and be harmful, they can be predicted. Volcanoes are much easier to predict than an earthquake, so this prediction of the volcano could have the area evacuated and then once clean up is done they would be able to come back.;=5999740 . I also must say that if they were to stay then it would be easier to get away from a volcano flow than an earthquake. Once an earthquake starts then you can't run, you have to just stay there and hope for the best, but with a volcano you have a good chance of escaping the lava flow from many volcanoes having high viscosity levels.

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I disagree Taylor, I do think that earthquakes are more dangerous but they, like volcanoes have their boundaries. Both of these can only happen on fault lines. So, while earthquake do appear more often, a volcano could spring up there too if a magma chamber were to form.

Supporting Evidence: Plate boundaries and earthquakes and volcanoes (
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I believe that both earthquakes and volcanoes are both dangerous, but I believe that earthquakes are more dangerous. One main reason for this is because volcanoes can be predicted multiple ways but earthquakes are only detected when they arrive. Volcanoes follow patterns but with an earthquake, it is difficult to predict because it follows no pattern ( ). Also, Earthquakes have caused more damage than volcanoes. Earthquakes damage buildings from the ground shaking, loosening their foundation, through liquefaction (turning the ground to a liquid), from floods they can cause, and from fires they can start ( ). Lastly, earthquakes have proven to kill more people at once. The number 3 greatest natural disaster was an earthquake in Shaanxi killing 830,000 people and volcanoes isn’t even in the top 10 ( ). This is why I believe that earthquakes are more of a danger to us that volcanoes.

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